Tigerfest Statement: Refund Plan & FAQs

Dear Tigerfest ticket purchasers,

Thank you for your cooperation with the delays, evacuation, and cancellation of Tigerfest. We are just as frustrated as you all are that it unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the severe weather that we all experienced later that evening.

We wanted to share the reasoning behind the collaborative decision CAB made with multiple University officials and also answer a few common questions and concerns about the event.

Will I get a refund?

As stated on your ticket, Tigerfest, like any outdoor rain or shine event, is traditionally a non-refundable event. However CAB, in coordination with SGA, has decided to make an exception this year due to the significance of the weather event that impacted this year’s festival. The Tigerfest 2013 ticket refund plan is as follows:

• Refunds for tickets purchased with a CREDIT CARD or ONECARD RETAIL POINTS will be issued starting Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 10:00AM.

• Refunds for tickets purchased with CASH will be issued starting Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 10:00AM.

• Refunds for all student and non-student tickets will only be available at the University Union Ticket Office, starting the dates indicated above. No refunds will be distributed over the phone, electronically, or through the mail.

• Only the person who purchased the ticket can get refunded in the method of payment used to purchase a ticket.

• Due to limitations with the ticketing system, the only way to be issued a refunded is with a ticket stub. A TU ID, credit card or receipt of purchase is not sufficient.

• We anticipate long lines on the first few days. The last day to obtain a refund, for all payment methods, will be May 21, 2013.

• Normal hours at the University Union Ticket Office are Monday 8:30am-7:00pm, Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.

Why was it delayed? Then, why was it ultimately cancelled?

Throughout the day, university officials were in contact with a meteorologist for weather updates. Based on their reports of severe weather, the decision was made to delay the event twice, and then eventually open the gates. Once the alert was given that lightening was within a 10 mile radius, at approximately 6:55pm, we instructed attendees to evacuate the stadium and take shelter in the Towson Center until further instruction. The length of the storm, Wiz Khalifa’s prior commitment to perform later that night at York, and the time of night we agreed to cease all amplified sound, all contributed to our decision to ultimately cancel the event.

Did Wiz Khalifa show up?

Yes, of course he did. Unfortunately, because the weather did not cooperate with us, he did not get to go on stage.

Why not move Tigerfest to the Towson Center or a different location?

No indoor Towson University venue has the capacity to fit the amount of people that attended Tigerfest. Over 6,500 people purchased a Tigerfest ticket. Moving Tigerfest to the Towson Center would result in purchasing additional production and stages that would take time and much more money to fund.

Why can’t we change the date of Tigerfest?

Many factors are involved in this. Artists are performing at different shows in different locations around the country (and even the world) on other days. It would be virtually impossible to recreate this event on a different day to fit within the artists’ schedules and the University’s schedule. Additionally, Tigerfest’s date is selected nearly a year in advance to schedule around major holidays, community events, University events and sport games, and finals.

Again, thank you for understanding the circumstances. If you have questions, email cab@towson.edu.

Thank you,

Nick Jones
Director, Campus Activities Board
Towson University


Zip Into Spring

Where: Outside of Paws by the hill & by the entrance to the Union

When: 12pm-4pm

Why Should you come??

Because there’s going to be a zip line, human bowling, and an inflatable horse racing game!   There’s also going to be free food and an DJ.  Spring is coming and we are excited to help you celebrate it!!

Jana Kramer feat. Jenny Leigh

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) is proud to announce that Jana Kramer will headline this year’s Country Concert. The show also features local country artist Jenny Leigh.

CAB’s Country Concert will be held on Friday, March 8th on Paws stage. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. Tickets will be available Monday February 11th in the Union Box Office for TU students and Monday, February 25th on Ticketmaster for Non-TU Students. TU Student tickets are $10 and Non-TU Students are $20.

Jana Kramer is a singer/songwriter/actress who has been nominated for 3 American Country Awards, reached #3 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with her single “Why You Wanna?” and played Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill. Jana is lighting up country music with her emotionally moving songs and sweet, country vocals, already selling nearly 200,000 digital singles in less than six months. If you ask Jana Kramer to describe her life in this very moment she would say, “Dreams really do come true.”